Every time you walk away…

Longing bites at my heart
every time you walk away.
Even though there’s hope for tomorrow,
the distance, however little,
tugs at my soul to rip it apart,
minute by minute,
every time you walk away.

Can I ask you to be mine?
Not for only today
but for all the hopeful tomorrows yet to be?
‘Cause darling, every step you take,
towards the paths I don’t yet tread,
leave only your footprints for me to see,
every time you walk away…


10 Attributes That Make Women Inherently Beautiful

Every woman is born beautiful. And her beauty is not defined by the way she looks but just by the way she is – free-spirited, kind, loving, passionate, and much more. She may be called attractive because of her pretty blue eyes or her perfect smile; but what really makes her beautiful is that one spark she has that speaks volumes about her self-assuring attitude and personal sense of freedom.

Here are ten things that make a woman truly beautiful from within.

  1. She doesn’t vie for attention – A woman who is confident will never cry for attention or compete with others to chase the limelight. She always holds her own because she knows she’s worth it.
  1. She is passionate – A woman who is defined by her own dreams leaves no stone unturned in making her life a meaningful one. She works hard towards achieving what she has set her heart on and is driven by passion to make it happen.
  1. She takes care of herself – A self-made woman knows how to solve her own problems in the face of adversity. Her strength of character is what highlights her beauty and makes her a resilient human being.
  1. She is selfless – A woman’s true mark of beauty is her selflessness. She gives without expecting returns and is compassionate towards everyone around her. A beautiful woman will never hesitate to show that she cares.
  1. She is open to change – The world is full of possibilities and a woman that doesn’t shy away from embracing change is as beautiful as a morning glory flower. She is open to new opportunities and challenges, without being held down by fears.
  1. She understands the need for space – It’s not only men who crave breathing space. A woman of worth who juggles personal and professional lives with aplomb understands the true value of space. And she actively seeks it when she needs it – to let her hair down and connect with her inner self.
  1. She accepts and owns her mistakes – A beautiful woman will always accept her mistake and own responsibility for it. Not only this, she will go one step further to learn from her own wrongdoing and to not repeat the same mistake twice.
  1. She will be her own competitor – A woman of substance will compete with her own self to evolve with the changing times and emerge more independent. And while doing so, she will enable other women to follow suit and lend them a supporting hand.
  1. She is not defined by her looks – A woman who believes in her own beauty understands that she is more than make ups and facials. She is confident to show her real face to the world and doesn’t feel the need to hide behind facades.
  1. She makes her own choices – The Dove film, Choose Beautiful, celebrates the choices of women around the world. The commercial powerfully showcases that beauty is a choice and is a prerogative that lies with every woman, even if that choice is to walk through the “average” door rather than the “beautiful” one.

There’s something special inside every woman. Sometimes words may fail to truly describe her extraordinariness and at other times, it may require only one because “Beautiful is a great word. So, why not see what’s on the other side of that?”

A White Vow

A snowflake caressed my face today and fell into my lap. It clung to me for the warmth of my body. It was beautiful. Peacefully, it withered away. I closed my eyes and packed its essence in the threaded pouch of your love. I will give it you as a promise. You will keep it safe, hidden from the disgraces. The day my solitude ends, we will hold it in our hands again. Together. To never let it go.

Lost and Found

Sweet scent of freedom,
a new release for life,
broken shackles sprawled about
mark the end of strife.

Through the heaving crowd,
towards the horizon undefined,
a future of promise stands tall
on mount of debris and grind.

Panoramic rainbow hues
fill the inviting canvas,
forever staining the once-towering glory
of the amorously pompous.

Her forgotten saga hymned again,
religiously with fortitude;
The torn yarn is spun again
in the hands of the multitude.