A hapless tear rolls down every night,
escaping to dark corners where it mustn’t be found.
Fearing the wrathful catch that light may bring,
it breaks known affiliations down.

Unrestrained and in full swing,
the watery shape sets its voyage sail.
Oblivious to the dangerous liaisons,
that await its proud hail.

Enmeshed in the web’s stranglehold,
the gleam less bead loses hope.
Compromised by the dusty illusions,
reality is a lost dream it cannot grope.

The realization of life’s foolhardiness,
dawns upon too late.
The trails left behind,
lead to its prophesied fate.
The journey ends without a memory,
not even its shadow matters.
Lost in time and space,
the defenseless tear shatters.


Like Being Born Again

Emblazoned by the celestial ball of fire
the night sky awakens to a new chapter,
devouring the euphoric  bloom of every entity
piecing together the Morning amalgam.
The new and fragile and the old and frail,
from the amorously rich to the unfriendly pauper,
each sparkly lie and each blackened truth,
every song sung and every learning learned,
course their way through veins of knowledge virgin;
Sweeping Past off its ground beneath
Welcoming Today with passionate musings
Keeping safe the mysteries of Tomorrow.

Musical birthing of the sky natives!
Heaven-piercing cones of intimidating mounts!
The tranquilizing trance of the watery expanse!
Intoxicating aromas and colours of verdure!
Springing soft hums of the animalia!
How I embrace them all!
In solitude, I levitate with each fleeting tick of time
oblivious to the pains of my cast.
Perceptible grandeur of the Mute, my sole companion,
immerse my form in its bosom at last!

Rain-kissed innocence seldom seen
celebrates with frolicsome smiles,
drenched in abundance love of the Noon sky
it leaves the affectations behind.
What beckons from the Beyond may not be mine,
but what mind may infer, the heart owns.

Inhibitions down, my being washed anew, in love
with the realm of Exotica no more eschewed,
I stand with my palms open and true
facing the purity of the wondrous blue.

Sultry Eve wind whispers in my ear,
“O wondrous being,
the time is fleeing.
Sense me in,
let the affair begin!
Let it brew,
my love for you.
Let it heal,
All the hurt you feel!”
Tears of elation no longer confined
sail through my terrain-less countenance,
impacting my slumbered youthful soul alive.

Whirlwind trance romances my aura,
my bane physicality no more a threat,
flying beyond the grey clouds of mind’s eye,
I step into an awe-full wonderland-
beauteous green on intimidating brown,
winged souls’ tunes orchestrated to my breaths,
beautiful prisms chroming the sky,
wistful wind’s soft caresses on my enlightened face;
A seeming revelation of Nature’s nurture
earlier veiled from my unfocussed vision,
dawns upon my wavering lashes,
enthralling my senses to a new prologue.

Withering resonance of the light bearer
unveils hope’s epitome that marks this Night,
firming my oscillating resolve deeper,
making my eyes await a resplendent morrow!
The enveloping darkness threatens no more,
the night watchers guard eerie no more;
sleep ambles in slowly
affirming a perfect dream,
before saying goodbye
to morn’s first beam!